Vans are not trucks.

And here's four reasons why:


Vans were designed to move people.

Not pallets, bins, barrels and racks - the things in your average expedite load.


A bus with seats removed is not a truck.

A van is a small bus and is not suited to safely haul heavy cargo.


Truck drivers don't ride in the cargo area.

From obnoxious smells to the danger of sharing space with cargo, it's not a safe place to be.


Trucks have a dedicated cab.

Drivers live on the road and the cab is their home. They deserve a clean, quiet comfortable space of their own.

Introducing the First Class Expediter.

Finally, a solution for cargo and Sprinter van drivers.

For Carriers

Vans may be suitable for people that drive short distances, load/unload by hand, require frequent access and whose drivers do not live or sleep in their vehicle for extended periods. That is NOT how expeditors operate. Vans are inefficient, produce low gross margins and unnecessarily expose carriers and drivers to serious insurance and legal liabilities.


For Drivers

A van is not a safe, comfortable environment for drivers that live/sleep in their vehicle for long periods. Cargo is dangerous and dirty – it should not be placed in the same compartment as a driver. A pickup truck with 4 wheel drive and a cargo box is safer, handles better and is more comfortable. With seating for 5 or 6, it can also be a family vehicle.