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The First Class Expediter is specifically designed for expediting. A pickup truck with 4 wheel drive is used as a cab and chassis to support a well designed, permanently mounted cargo/sleeper box.  It has a clean, comfortable cab that  isolates and protects the driver(s) from their cargo.  It is safer, handles better and is more comfortable than a van.  With seating for 5 or 6, it can also be a family vehicle used for personal camping, fishing and hunting.


  • Completely isolated and protected from cargo box
  • Easily cooled, heated and a quiet comfortable ride
  • Can put travel bunk and personal items in back seat 
  • Ample space for a team driver 
  • Center console and convenient small storage spaces & cup holders
  • 4 wheel drive provides additional safety and operational capability (more loads)
  • More optional equipment, amenities and technology are available than in a basic work van

Cargo Box:

  • flat floor, 60" wide x 120" long x 60 or 72" high (can carry wide loads that would not fit in a van)
  • 3,500 lbs payload
  • ability to transport hazmat , if you desire
  • unlimited securing points for standard ratchet straps and 4 load bars
  • 1 1/2" of insulation on sides and roof, helps keep out heat, cold & noise
  • windows on all 4 sides with screens for comfort and security
  • ample storage space over cab and under box for driver's personal items

Engine Compartment:

  • Separated from cab by a "firewall" not a vinyl cover
  • Does not intrude into cab
  • Complete access from outside, easier maintenance and repairs 

The First Class Expediter box is as functional when parked as it is efficient under load. It has windows and is well insulated and ventilated with plenty of storage. The insulation helps reduce noise in truck stops and rest areas. Better sleep!! Optional generators, auxiliary 12 volt systems and awnings can make layovers quite comfortable.