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A van is not a safe, comfortable environment for drivers that live/sleep in their vehicle for long periods. Cargo is dangerous, smelly and dirty and should not be placed in the same compartment as a driver. A pickup truck with 4 wheel drive and a cargo box is safer, handles better and is more comfortable. With seating for 5 or 6, It can also be a family vehicle used for personal camping, fishing and hunting (great deer blind!).

The First Class Expediter is specifically designed for expediting.

It has a clean, comfortable cab and a separate, well designed cargo/sleeper box.

A viable alternative to vans is now available, because vans have no cab!

  • Engine protrudes into driver's area, no back seat, no personal storage space
  • Are noisy while driving due to lack of insulation, wind and rain can be very loud
  • Are noisy when parked, rain on metal roof and truck stops are not quiet places
  • Rear wheel drive in snow or slippery roads can put you out of service
  • Are hard to cool must run fan continuously on high(noisy)
  • Are very difficult to heat and defrost side windows in very cold temps
  • Cold can put you out of service and you may be on the road, not at home
  • You will wear a coat, hat and gloves while driving....and sleeping!

Cargo space in vans is not completely separated from driver space!

Cargo is:

  • Dangerous - in a crash , the cargo can crush the driver or come out of or break the containers and fly around inside the van causing serious injury or death
  • Smelly - driver will breath fumes that can aggravate allergies or asthma and can even impair a driver's ability to drive safely. Cargo does not have to be hazmat to be obnoxious or irritating
  • Dirty - cargo can be oily, dusty or damp and make a mess in a vehicle (see smelly)
  • Noisy - metal parts in bins or racks rattle and squeak when bouncing on the road, annoying!

Large trucks don't have cargo in with the driver, WHY should small trucks be at greater risk? Vans have no storage space for a driver's personal items: sleeping bag, cot or mattress, pillow, cooler, food, clothes, tools, straps, chains, etc. Teams have twice as much stuff. Stuff is stored in the cargo area where it gets dirty or damaged and limits capacity, leading to fewer loads. Driver's stuff is visible every time a customer loads/unloads a van... what about privacy?

If it is a full load, driver must place all their stuff on the ground then pile it on top or around the customer's freight or jam it in the very limited seating area. Not very professional or comfortable!

Sleeping Space

Sleeping in an un-insulated, cluttered metal van with no windows, proper heating, cooling or ventilation is not a comfortable environment. Truck stops and rest areas are not quiet places and with rain and wind noise added, it can be very difficult to sleep.

Engine Maintenance

A van's small hood and an engine cover in the drivers space make it difficult to maintain or perform repairs. Cramped over the driver's seat with the steering wheel in your back and your legs hanging out the door is not a good position to be in when trying to repair a critical breakdown on the road with limited tools.

Poor Resale Value

If you decide to leave expediting, it is doubtful you will keep an unfinished van with only 2 seats as a personal vehicle. There is a very limited market for used, high mileage work vans.

The First Class Expediter is attractive and is a real truck.

It's features include:


  • Completely isolated and protected from cargo box
  • Easily cooled, heated and a quiet comfortable ride
  • Seating for 5 or 6, can put travel bunk and personal items in back seat
  • Ample space for a team driver
  • center console and convenient small storage spaces & cup holders
  • 4 wheel drive provides additional safety and operational capability(more loads)
  • More optional equipment, amenities and technology are available than in a basic work van

Cargo Box

  • flat floor, 60" wide x 120" long x 60 or 72" high
  • 3,500 lbs payload
  • ability to transport hazmat , if you desire
  • unlimited securing points for standard ratchet straps and 4 load bars
  • 2" of insulation on sides and roof, helps keep out heat, cold & noise
  • windows on all 4 sides with screens for comfort and security
  • ample storage space over cab and under box for driver's "stuff"

Engine Compartment

  • Separated from cab by a "firewall" not a vinyl cover
  • Does not intrude into cab
  • Complete access from outside, easier maintenance and repairs

The First Class Expediter box is as functional when parked as it is efficient under load. It has windows and is well insulated and ventilated with plenty of storage. The insulation helps reduce noise in truck stops and rest areas. Better sleep!! Optional generators, auxiliary 12 volt systems and awnings can make layovers quite comfortable.

Drivers may be able to park a pickup/camper where they live or in places that do not allow "commercial vehicles" like plain white vans or sprinters. This is a huge advantage in response time and may get drivers more loads. It can eliminate the cost to own an extra vehicle (plus insurance and maintenance) to get to where their van is parked.

Resale value: If you decide to leave expediting, you have several options. You can keep the truck as a camper and refine the box for your personal preferences or just have us remove the cargo box. We may buy it back or sell it used to another expediter.

Unlike buying a work van and then trying sell it at a loss, the only real investment to try expediting is the price of the cargo box. Pickup trucks are extremely popular personal vehicles and are easy to buy and sell.